Immersive and Active Gaming

The Omni's immersive experience takes virtual reality to the next level. The system was even portrayed in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One.

As seen in

"This thing is freakin' awesome. Loved it. WANT."
I was excited beyond belief when I came out, and all I wanted was more.”
The Omni adds a fantastic new layer of immersion to the virtual reality experience. Virtuix has set the bar very high with the Omni.
"Yes, it really was that much fun. No apologies for our unbridled enthusiasm."
" It all makes for a fascinating additional dimension, and anyone lured to VR may well find the Omni an indispensable part of the experience."

Invest Alongside Notable Advisors & Investors

I believe in the Virtuix team and product. Now is the time to bring the popular Omni gaming experience to the home.”
Mark Cuban, Virtuix investor

Introducing Omni One

We’re developing Omni One, the first Omni optimized for the home - light, easy to store, and offering unmatched freedom of movement including crouching and jumping.

Investor Perks

Invest $1,000 in Virtuix and get a discount of up to 40% (worth $800) when buying Omni One.

Get Investor Perks
*It is advised that you consult a tax professional to fully understand any potential tax implications of receiving investor perks before making an investment.

Players love the Omni experience

Results from survey filled out by more than 10,000 out-of-home players:

Want to play again
Visited the venue specifically to play Omni
Overall satisfaction rating

Direct sales channel for Omni One

We’ve built a large and devoted player community at over 500 entertainment venues.

1.1 Million
We project having 1.1 million player profiles in our database by 2022.
14% of players indicate they will buy Omni One at $1,995.
$300 Million
This demand would result in estimated sales of 150,000 units or about $300 million in revenue.

We Are Applying the Peloton Model to Gaming

Direct-to-consumer, multi-channel sales
Upfront equipment purchase
Recurring revenues from monthly subscriptions and game sales

Omni One

Upfront purchase
55 / month
Optional monthly payment plan
Complete system including VR headset (no PC needed)

Omni One “Dev Kit”

Upfront purchase
Developer version without VR headset (for developing VR software or playing PC-based VR games)

Omni One:

Upfront purchase


Upfront purchase
Price comparables: mid-range gaming PC, connected exercise equipment
Target audience (gamers) has discretionary income
Desire to stay fit provides purchase justification

A word from our CEO

We aim to become the Peloton for gamers and bring our popular gaming experience to millions of homes around the world.”
Jan Goetgeluk, Virtuix CEO

Monthly Recurring Revenues

Targeting $45 / month per system

"Omni Online” monthly subscription
Avg. monthly game purchase

Similar to:

Omni One:

month per system  with $25/month margin


month per bike with $20/month margin

Monthly subscriptions and game sales deliver recurring revenue upside

Monthly subscription for online gameplay, player rankings, and contests and prizes
Game purchases from store (offers games made by Virtuix alongside third-party titles, and even popular standing-only VR games that don’t require walking on the Omni)

Games for sale
$19.99 - $39.99

As player base grows, content revenues grow faster than costs (profit upside)

Consumer and tech trends

Global pandemic has boosted demand for products like Omni One

Viral Reach

We will engage VR and gaming influencers to reach Omni One’s target audience at low cost.

Many of our Omni Pro YouTube videos have gone viral

YouTube streamers and influencers love making exciting videos with Omni

Comments on YouTube videos testify to the excitement around our product

A deep bench of expertise in game development, hardware, and scaling tech companies.

See Our Team


Started Omni R&D in 2011

Founded Virtuix in April 2013

Previously J.P. Morgan Investment Banking


30+ years of Asian manufacturing experience

Speaks fluent Mandarin, divides his time between Taiwan & China

Previously Flextronics Asia


20+ years of software and hardware development

Previously Textron


Award-winning VR game developer & producer

Heads content team, developed Elite Force and other Omni games

Management team and advisory board bring over 100 years of gaming and hardware industry experience at notable businesses including Activision, Dave & Busters, and Guitar Hero

Notable Investors